The sleeping beauty takes pills to not sleep

Eladio de Pablo
Cover illustration

Published by Eladio de Pablo, under the seal of Orpheus Ediciones Clandestinas
Cuadernos de Platea Collection, 9
(Gijón, December 2023)

Eladio de Pablo, professor of Language and Literature, playwright and indispensable name for understanding theater in Asturias in the last forty years, publishes the original libretto of his work Sleeping Beauty takes pills to keep him from sleeping, a contemporary and light-hearted revision of the classic tale seen as a journey to the other side of the mirror, to the territory of dreams and fairy tales (first edition limited to 20 numbered copies).

96 pp + covers
11×18 cm
ISBN: 978-84-196913-2-3

The sleeping beauty takes pills to not sleepJuan Hernaz