The dangerous relationships (Les rellaciones peligroses)

Eladio de Pablo
Cover illustration and interior adaptations

Published by Eladio de Pablo, under the seal of Orpheus Ediciones Clandestinas
Collection Cuadernos de Platea, 6
(Gijón, December 2022)

Eladio de Pablo, professor of Language and Literature, playwright and an essential name to understand theater in Asturias in the last forty years, publishes the original script of his work in the Asturian language Les relaciones peligrosos, staged by Teatro Factoría Norte. Good friend for whom I have had the pleasure of creating the variations on the original image created in 2018 for the theater play.

100 pp + covers
11×18 cm
Paperback edition
Legal Deposit: AS-03231-2022
ISBN: 978-84-196910-0-2

The dangerous relationships (Les rellaciones peligroses)Juan Hernaz