StellarKids brand – Sintiyapera Books

Corporate identity creation for StellarKids – Sintiyapera Books

(London-Istanbul, April 2020 – October 2022)

Every kid is a star. This premise, an idea that invites you to dream and create, marks the origin of the children’s label of Sintiyapera London Books, bringing together its collections of children’s literature and KWK (Kids Write for Kids). The image, close to the mother brand in terms of graphics solutions and chromatism, obtains its own identity from an image with an irregular line, which evokes old printing, and an eroded, clean and close typography. The star, already present in Sintiyapera’s logo, gains a greater presence here, as the brand name itself specifies.

Video – intro logo:

StellarKids brand - Sintiyapera BooksJuan Hernaz