City linear park El Solarón – Moreda (Gijón)

Client: Foro de Ciudadanos – Gijón

Gijón, March 2023

The area of Gijón known as ‘El Solarón’, and its continuation towards the Railway Museum and, beyond, the The ADIF train station and its connection to the Moreda Park, to the southwest, constitute a vast underused area of the city that requires urban treatment capable of serving thousands of citizens in the center and west of the city.

At the request of Foro Asturias de Ciudadanos, a proposal is created and developed according to orthophoto, plan and real dimensions, which generates and shows a common space capable of hosting different uses and responding to leisure, sports and service needs: two public buildings for community use, two residential buildings with terraces and landscaped entrances, sports areas and fields, a pond, a bandstand, children’s games, catering services, bike lanes and large areas of meadows and trees that follow patterns of mixed and naturalized Cantabrian forests.

A new green lung for Gijón with the aim of becoming the largest urban park in the city, thanks to its continuation with ADIF’s proposal to bury roads and the new station, and its connection with the Moreda Park.

City linear park El Solarón - Moreda (Gijón)Juan Hernaz