ASICOM International Awards – trophy

Concept, design and development of the ASICOM International Awards trophy

Client: ASICOM, Ibero-American Communication Association
(Oviedo-Mexico, September 2023)

ASICOM, international and non-profit association, seeks to promote communication, favor cooperation and create networks and circuits for the exchange of information between professionals and researchers, as well as establishing a policy of cooperation with international associations in the fields of communication. It is currently present in more than 30 countries around the world.

Among its many research, promotion and training activities, its collaboration agreements with the University of Oviedo gave rise to the ASICOM Chair (a space for exploration, exchange and Ibero-American debate on communication and current affairs) and the ASICOM Awards, awarded annually during the month of October to world-class personalities in different disciplines.

The new sculptural proposal for its annual awards, which will begin to be awarded in the 2023 edition, continues along the lines of corporate renewal begun in 2019, with the complete creation of its new corporate identity. The ascending helical dance between a laurel and an oak leafs, symbols of ASICOM’s identity, on a solid oak wood base, constitute the conceptual and aesthetic axis of the new piece, a hymn to communication.

The complete process of creation, from the initial sketches to 3D modeling and rendering and subsequent physical production, shows the different options contemplated and lines of work.

In the 2023 edition, the first winners to receive the new trophy were Mr. Carlos Franganillo (journalist), Ms. Thelma Krug (scientist), LALIGA (sports), Spanish Red Cross, Mr. Adrián Solar (film producer) and Ms. Irene Vallejo (writer).

Final piece, 3D animation:
(3D rendering and video editing: Juan Hernaz
audio: Emotional Inspiring Epic Trailer, by Coma-Media, under a Pixabay license, royalty free for personal and commercial use)

ASICOM International Awards - trophyJuan Hernaz