VOCES, the Asturian language through the centuries

Creation of graphic identity for the exhibition ‘VOCES, la llingua n’Asturies al traviés de los sieglos’

Government of the Principality of Asturias, Ministry of Education and Culture (Oviedo, September 2018)

The development of the largest exhibition on the history of the Asturian language, held at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias between September and December 2018, requires the creation of a visual identity capable of combining the basic concepts that drive the exhibition: identity, communication and scientific rigor.

The exhibition, curated by the renowned philologist Xulio Viejo (University of Oviedo), was born with an itinerant will and persistence over time, and constitutes the broadest historical vision of the origin and evolution of the Asturian language in the last thousand years, from a didactic and visual point of view: dozens of pieces on display, archaeological objects and facsimiles, high-quality photographic reproductions and abundant information condensed in 75 large-format panels.

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Exhibition VOCES – History of the Asturian Language

VOCES, the Asturian language through the centuriesJuan Hernaz