Urban permaculture complex in Gijón

Client: Gijón City Council – Parks and Gardens Service

Gijón, August 2022

Development of photographic illustrated recreation on the complex dedicated to the urban permaculture in the area of ​​Los Pericones (Gijón), based on the architectural recovery of an old agricultural complex, and the natural restoration of its 30,000 m2 estate. The high-definition illustration of the complex includes the illustrated recreation of the farm (forests, fruit trees, cultivation areas, roads, lake, etc.), based on the cartography provided by the client, and the architectural elevation of the urbanized area (house-museum, hórreo and panera), in two versions, with an ecological market and visitors, and without visitors.

Permaculture is a system of principles of agricultural, economic, political and social design based on the patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem, oriented from the concept of self-sustainability and respect for the environment: ecological design and engineering, environmental design, reuse of water and agricultural resources… Characteristics that define a model of response to the environmental crisis we are experiencing.

Urban permaculture complex in GijónJuan Hernaz