Magical Nights 2024 at the Botanical Garden

Client: Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón

Edition number 21 of the activity “Magical Nights at the JBA”

August 2024

Illustration created for promotion in posters (different formats), program of activities, press and social networks. The Magical Nights is a unique event, of exceptional reception and high quality, based on the dramatization of different mythological scenes with beings that interact with visitors.

The 2024 image incorporates, in addition to the traditional Trasgu (Asturian elf), the Bruxa (witch) and her Curuxa (owl), to a new being created by Juan Hernaz, the Rebocín (also called Rebollín or Mariellu): an entity of a benign and elusive character that grows among the chanterelles and that only denotes its presence by its songs, almost in whispers, like the wind in the pine forests.

Magical Nights 2024 at the Botanical GardenJuan Hernaz

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