Illustrated mural – school classroom

Mural artistic project in a school classroom
Wall painting 430 x 220 cm

Pumarín Public School,
3rd grade classroom
(Gijón, December 2022)

A project with an exceptional educational load because it involves the day-to-day life of many students at the school. The transformation of a living space, such as a school classroom for more than six hours per day for the students, necessarily implies a result of transformation in the students’ own perception, in their sensitivity and in their ability to respect and appreciation of the artistic work. The great social and educational component of the project is the engine and the creative stimulus behind these 10m2 of illustration.

I wanted to involve in its creation all the boys and girls in the third grade (8-9 years old) through a brainstorming that, conveniently processed and sketched, has gone on to build the final mural. On a chromatic abstraction of the solar system, some of the elements born from the imagination of the students have been drawn.

The ideas of cooperation, creativity, rupture and opening of physical and mental spaces, interaction with the artistic fact, imagination and sensitivity, among others, reside in the creation of this unique and pioneering project.

Work carried out on December 27 and 28th, 2022.

Illustrated mural - school classroomJuan Hernaz