Balcón de Gijón brand – boutique apartments

Creation of corporate identity for Balcón de Gijón – boutique apartments

(Gijón, July 2022)

Balcón de Gijón constitutes an accommodation offer in a privileged rural setting, with exceptional views over the city and the Cantabrian Sea. The unique character of the establishment, its minimalist concept and careful aesthetics are the starting points on which to work on an identity based on the articulation of a monogram, which combines the capital letters ‘B’ and ‘G’, and a typography with its own character and conveniently modified to provide the exclusivity that the establishment boasts.

The identity is completed with the ad-hoc creation of a scratchboard illustration that represents the views from the accommodation itself, and its stationery applications.

Balcón de Gijón brand - boutique apartmentsJuan Hernaz