Workshop: the illustrated poster

In the third edition of the program of activities ‘Weaving words’ (Castrillón, Asturias), I’ll impart two workshops of three hours each one (from 9.30 to 12.30 h) on 10 and 11 October in the Valey Cultural Center of Piedras Blancas, with entitled ‘Communicating with illustration’ and aimed at students of Secondary Education. The workshop was divided into two sessions of 1 h 30 min: the first one (theory) will address dynamically the historical perspective of illustration, origin and evolution as a vehicle for visual communication, types, resources, relationship with art and technology… In the end of this part we’ll talk about basics of the usual phases in professional work: briefing, documentation, concepts and emotions, sketches, proposals…

The second session (practice) we’ll try to create a poster addressed to a specific purpose, trying to get a perspective as real as possible about what involves the creation of an advertising illustration.

Workshop: the illustrated posterJuan Hernaz

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