Workshop: Text, idea, image

During the I Jornadas Cervantinas (Valdecarzana Palace, Aviles – Asturias), the next 14, 15 and 16 September 2016, from 18:00 to 20:00 h, will take place the workshop Text, idea, image. Illustrating a passage from Don Quixote, an illustration workshop by Juan Hernaz where key conceptual and technical work will be analyzed when addressing a literary illustration of the magnitude of Don Quixote.

The workshop is divided into three sessions of two hours each, theoretical and practice, where the work will be addressed to develop an effective illustration, from a first analysis of the text to the final image, exploring the complete process, working the semantic level as well as technis, but placing the emphasis of the workshop on strengthening the communication aspect of the image and its relationship to the text.

The registration period will be open from August 4th to September 9th. This workshop is aimed at adults and limited to 15 seats that will be allocated in strict order of registration. The cost (90 euros) includes the work material to be used in the classroom. Both the full program and enrollment requirements are available in the following document:

Cervantes illustration workshop – OFFICIAL CALL (spanish)

Workshop: Text, idea, imageJuan Hernaz

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