Talk about illustration for the AEPJP

Every year, the annual meeting of the AEPJP (Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens) invites different professionals to provide specific lectures on their subjects and their relationship with the world of botany and landscaping. 


On December 17 I will talk about illustration in the auditorium of the Botanic Garden for the annual meeting of the Spanish Association of Public Parks and Gardens (AEPJP). A brief exposure of 50 minutes where I’ll try to offer a specific vision with several hints about which implies illustrate both from a conceptual as a technical point of view and approached from three aspects of the profession: the scientific and botanical illustration, illustration for advertising and editorial & book illustration.

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The lecture will be based on a continuous projection which compiles more than 50 examples and images of my work in these different disciplines as well as a brief presentation of the usual methodology to address each project depending on the parameters that define it: public target and conceptual content that you will communicate with your work.

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Talk about illustration for the AEPJPJuan Hernaz

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