• cabecera_curso

    Illustration Classroom (University of Oviedo): Keys and creation of an illustrated album

    Beginning next Monday, March 20, 2017, Juan Hernaz will direct and give the “Classroom of Illustration: Keys of interpretation and creation of an illustrated album”, within the program of University Extension Classrooms of the University of Oviedo. A program open to the public in general that means an educational bridge between the institution and the society. From March 20th to May 29th, the appointment will be held every Monday from […]

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  • cabecera

    Master Class: Illustrated universes. From concept to image

    Next November 4th at 17:00 h in the ‘Aula Severo Ochoa’ of the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo (San Francisco, 1, Oviedo), Juan Hernaz will give a master class on their work process in creating illustrations for L’inxeniosu fidalgu Don Quixote of La Mancha (Laria Publishing House, Oviedo, 2015), first complete Asturian language translation of the Cervantes’ masterpiece. This is one of the events planned for the program […]

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  • oviedo_0

    Quixote ilustráu exhibition in Avilés, Grado and Oviedo

    The exhibition Quixote ilustráu / Quijote illustrated has continued its way in recent months: From August 25 to September 30 it has remained in the Exhibition Hall of the Palace of Valdecarzana, fourteenth century Gothic building and home of the Municipal Historical Archive. The exhibition has been the backbone of the 1st Cervantine Days in Aviles, including three days of illustration workshop (from 14 to 16 September) and lectures on […]

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  • cabecera

    Digital illustration with free software

    The educational program of the UP Gijon is a landmark in adult education in various fields for over thirty years, thanks to its high quality monographic courses. In the next February call I teach an introductory course to the digital illustration of 30 hours, with the following order of contents (only spanish): In the general theoretical part we will discuss the basics of working, concepts, technology and adjustments. In the […]

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  • quijote

    Workshop: Text, idea, image

    During the I Jornadas Cervantinas (Valdecarzana Palace, Aviles – Asturias), the next 14, 15 and 16 September 2016, from 18:00 to 20:00 h, will take place the workshop Text, idea, image. Illustrating a passage from Don Quixote, an illustration workshop by Juan Hernaz where key conceptual and technical work will be analyzed when addressing a literary illustration of the magnitude of Don Quixote. The workshop is divided into three sessions […]

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  • onirofaros

    Workshop: Onirofaros

    On the occasion of World Museum Day, and within the scheduled activities in the Natural Archaeological Park ‘Campa Torres’ of Gijon, will take place on Saturday May 21, from 12:00 to 14:00 h, the workshop Onirofaros: illustration, imagination, emotion … and lighthouses, by Juan Hernaz. Onirofaros is aimed to children aged 5 to 12 years (prior registration through the municipal website, https://museos.gijon.es), to take contact with the work of an […]

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  • carátula

    Quixote ilustráu exhibition (CCAI Gijón)

    Quixote ilustráu is not only an exhibition of illustrations. It is also documentation and analysis of the creative process of each image created for a publishing milestone in Asturias: the publication (Ed Laria, 2015) of the first complete translation in Asturian language of a cornerstone of world literature, L’ inxeniosu fidalgu Don Quixote de La Mancha. CCAI (Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto, Gijón). Exhibition Hall – 2nd floor lobby, Friday […]

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  • cursoupportada

    UP Course – date change

    The course “Digital illustration with free software: initiation” that I’ll teach impart in the February call of the courses of UP Gijón will finally start next March 2, rather than originally projected. The course of 30 hours, keep its regular schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 17:00 to 19:00 pm in the Municipal Center of ‘El Natahoyo’ (Gijon, Spain). The registration period is not affected: from January 21 to February 5. […]

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  • cursoupportada

    Digital illustration course

    The educational program of the UP Gijon is a landmark in adult education in various fields for over thirty years, thanks to its high quality monographic courses. In the next February call I teach an introductory course to the professional digital illustration of 30 hours, with the following order of contents: In the general theoretical part we will discuss the basics of working, concepts, technology and adjustments. In the second […]

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  • 20150922_1958491-1000x384

    Natural Recall – Rome, Bologna, iOs app and ADI awards

    After the exhibition success in Venice, Treviso, Paris and Moscow, a select sample of works from Natural Recall Elective Affinity (collaborative project that delves into the relationship between humans and nature from a creative point of view), it has been shown in Casa dell’Architettura in Rome, a unique and privileged place, between 22 September and 15 October. The exhibition was also inaugurated on September 27 in Bologna, where was opened until […]

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  • 11057211_791225884302443_6968228533390343977_n

    Natural Recall visits Moscow

    Natural Recall Elective Affinity, the project driven by GTower Design and Creativity Come Strategy (Italy), continues its journey with a new exhibition in Moscow. This international creative project, launched in late 2014, includes the work of a large group of illustrators from different countries both through the circuit of exhibitions by major European cities, and by the calendar and the book, by QUPÉ Editions, Paris, that has been a finalist […]

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  • CIV muvim

    CIV 2015 in the MUVIM

    The ‘Valencia Illustration Circuit’ program, held between 31 January and 28 February this year, continues maintaining is presence in the rest of the year. On this occasion, the exhibitions presented at the 2015 edition, including “Imaginarius” in which I have been able to share experience with other national and international illustrators, can be visited in the Valencian Museum of the Illustration, MUVIM, throughout the summer and in its regular schedule. […]

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  • familia

    2015 Oh! Awards

    Our work in “Llumeru” has received the Award Oh! 2015 for the Performing Arts of Asturias to the Best Costume and Characters Creation. An honor that I have the big pleasure to share with Carlos Barea, great professional who has masterfully led the realization of my ideas, sketches, color schemes … As well as with all the team of Factoría Norte Theater, with Carmen Gallo in front and Borja Roces […]

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  • CIV1

    CIV 2015

    Within the program of activities ‘Circuito de Ilustración Valencia’ (Valencia Illustration Circuit), and from next day January 31st, can be visited in the exhibition center “Espai d’Innovació y Creació Las Naves” (Valencia) a collective exhibition entitled ‘Imaginarius’ in which I’ll participate together with a group of national and international illustrators. The inauguration of this exhibition marks the beginning of CIV 2015, a full program of exhibitions, competitions, workshops, panel discussions […]

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  • charlaportada

    Talk about illustration for the AEPJP

    Every year, the annual meeting of the AEPJP (Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens) invites different professionals to provide specific lectures on their subjects and their relationship with the world of botany and landscaping. On December 17 I will talk about illustration in the auditorium of the Botanic Garden for the annual meeting of the Spanish Association of Public Parks and Gardens (AEPJP). A brief exposure of 50 minutes […]

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  • 7

    Golden Medal – Stevie Awards 2014

    The Gübretaş Annual Report 2013 developed by Graffiti Studio and where I’ve collaborated, has recently received the Gold Stevie® Award in the ‘Best European Annual Report – Printed’ category at the International Business Awards (AKA Stevie® Awards). In this edition has involved more than 3500 projects from over 60 countries. Through their different categories, Stevie® Awards recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace, worldwide. This distinction is a reputed and high projection reference: http://www.stevieawards.com/pubs/iba/awards/408_2942_24968.cfm This is […]

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  • 11

    2013 Vision & XXVIII ARC International Awards

    The Corporate Annual Report 2013 of Gübretaş, developed by Graffiti Studio and where I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating in the development of inside illustration and cover design and illustration, has just won a Gold Medal at the 2013 Vision Awards, promoted by LACP (League of American Communications Professionals). This year has reached the highest index of participation with over 1000 projects from 24 countries: http://www.lacp.com/2013vision/awards-annual-report-competition-gubretas.htm Also just received the […]

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  • 8

    IV Igloo Festival

    I recently had the honor of receiving the overall prize in the category “Miscellaneous” of IV Igloo Festival (organized by Arjowiggins, world leader in the manufacture of recycled paper, and Torraspapel, national spanish leader in paper distribution) in Paris, for the layout and illustration of the catalogue for the 2014 UP Courses for Adults of Gijón. I have had the pleasure of enjoying the award along with the studio ‘Connecta’ […]

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  • carteljerez

    Workshop: the illustrated poster

    In the third edition of the program of activities ‘Weaving words’ (Castrillón, Asturias), I’ll impart two workshops of three hours each one (from 9.30 to 12.30 h) on 10 and 11 October in the Valey Cultural Center of Piedras Blancas, with entitled ‘Communicating with illustration’ and aimed at students of Secondary Education. The workshop was divided into two sessions of 1 h 30 min: the first one (theory) will address dynamically the […]

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  • cursoJBA

    Botanical illustration course at the JBA

    On Sunday May 19th I will talk about the digital illustration on the last day of botanical illustration course organized in the Botanic Garden (Gijón). An uninterrupted session of 3 hours to introduce the application of digital scanning and postproduction techniques to this kind of scientific illustration. This is the first year that this intensive, three-day and taught this time by botanical illustrator Marta Chirino, is held within the 1st Conference […]

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  • hernaz_oh1

    Oh! Awards 2013

    The jury of the Oh! Awards of the Scenic Arts of Asturias wanted to recognize “Nora” with three awards: Oh! Award for Best Show for Children; Oh! Award for the Best Original Music (David Varela); and Oh! Award for Marcelino Santiago, Gonzalo Mateos and me for Best Set Design. And other big new: “Nora” is the show chosen to represent Asturias in the prestigious ‘Max Awards’ of Theatre. This is […]

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  • escaleta

    Picture book workshop

    Within the multidisciplinary cultural program of activities ‘Weaving words’ (‘Tejiendo palabras’) organized in the council of Castrillón (Asturias, Spain) around oral and written literary tradition, I’ll impart two workshops on October 4th (9.30 and 12.30 AM) about picture books entitled ‘Counting with the books, telling through illustration’, aimed at students of Secondary Education. The workshop will consist of an introductory part of 50 minutes where we’ll talk about the importance […]

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