Master Class: Illustrated universes. From concept to image

Next November 4th at 17:00 h in the ‘Aula Severo Ochoa’ of the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo (San Francisco, 1, Oviedo), Juan Hernaz will give a master class on their work process in creating illustrations for L’inxeniosu fidalgu Don Quixote of La Mancha (Laria Publishing House, Oviedo, 2015), first complete Asturian language translation of the Cervantes’ masterpiece. This is one of the events planned for the program “The creative universe of Cervantes, 400 years later.”


Under the title “Illustrated universes. From concept to image” , the master class, supported by abundant graphic material, will pass through the different phases of work, from the first readings until the final artworks, making emphasis on the personal perception of the illustrator on the interpretation of the text and serving it as an excuse to deepen general concepts that define the profession of illustrator.

At the same time, the exhibition Quixote ilustráu / Quijote ilustrado can be visited in the next room Laudeo (last days), where part of the original material handled by the illustrator is displayed (sketchbooks, original drawings, annotations and schemes), as well as the final artwork in unique high-quality copies accompanied by explanatory panels where the conceptual and technical fundamentals of each image are addressed.

Master Class: Illustrated universes. From concept to imageJuan Hernaz

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